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Galvanizing Production Line Features

        Improved use of advanced production process of Massengill, annual output of 30-35 million tons, the production specifications: thickness 0.5mm-3.5mm, width 32mm-690mm. The production line uses a full set of Siemens software control equipment provided by domestic famous factory, the main base material from pickling hot-rolled plates and cold rolling mill, reversible rolling mill Chilled board, its products are used in the construction industry, power industry, vehicles, furniture and equipment industry, machinery industry, electronics, container manufacturing, packaging industries. Products have been salt spray test, with good corrosion resistance, its service life as long as 10-20 years, after the physical performance test, so that the fine processing of raw material products forming larger spangle appearance, good straight shape.

Black back/bright line features

        Output :6-10 million tons,: thickness 0.2mm-3.0mm, width 32mm-720mm. Bell-type annealing furnace gas is to mount into the form of several coils stack, with a shield covering the post-heating, using an atmosphere of ammonia decomposition as a protective atmosphere, the workpiece under high temperature oxidation-free heating, cooling, dark back to light treatment effect. Bright annealing Features: Shougang Group, Handan Iron and Steel Carbon structural steel hood-type annealing furnace gas in the days after treatment of the workpiece surface with no oxidation, no decarburization, surface smooth and non-volatile elements in the function.

Cold-rolled Production Line Features

        Output :35-40 million tons, the production specifications: thickness 0.2mm-3.0mm, width 32mm-720mm. Cold-rolled products are high-quality hot-rolled coil, steel strip as raw materials, through the acid wash to remove oxide skin, in the reversing cold rolling mill and cold rolling machine rolling on the subject to different deformation, then after annealing, formation, hardcover made of such process. Cold-rolled products with excellent mechanical properties and processing properties and thickness, precision etc., are widely used in automotive, appliance, construction, packaging, light industry (bicycle, enamel), and chemical industries, and as a hot dip galvanized coil and heat Galvanized steel raw materials.

Pickling Production Line Features:

        Annual output of 40 to-50 million tons. Pickling products are high-quality hot-rolled coil, steel strip as raw materials, acid wash to remove iron oxide skin. Pickling process with a belt speed quickly, remove the steel products to the surface oxide skin, good effect stain features. Pickling steel strip rolling part of the problem there is no parking spot. Pickling products as cold-rolled products, galvanized products, raw materials, process for the next one has laid a good quality foundation.

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